Cheap insurance against stock loss, downtime & customer dissatisfaction.

Tuckerbox is an Internet of Things temperature sensor solution. It automatically records temperatures and provides real-time alerts to allow you to stay on top of equipment failures, and react in real time.

Our Points of Difference

  • Independent of site power supply, site networks and mobile carrier networks
  • Additional reading allowing cross-checking and verification.
  • Non invasive installation into fridge or freezer

 National Coverage

  • Widely available on the public Sigfox Network – with 75% of the Australian population and 94% of New Zealand population covered
  • Simple coverage checker at
  • Available on other networks, public & private, many providers supported

Suitable across industries

    • Small business
    • Refrigeration companies
    • Retail chains
    • Councils & Governments
  • Use for university studies & low-cost backup sensors for existing solutions


  • Notifications allow rapid response to failure
  • Saving money with near-zero sensor maintenance
  • Minimising stock loss, by keeping you informed


  • Temps everywhere, with Mobile, Tablet and PC view
  • Up to 8 years battery life

What Our Clients Say

“Simple, works and very handy, has saved valuable stock by alerting me to compressor failure.”

Rod Leaver

“We’ve been trialing Tuckerbox sensors – an excellent idea and ready for prime time.”

Cary White

“Our refrigerator and freezer temperatures are now a known, not an unknown.”

Troy Haines

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Use cases

Portable and removable

Sensors can be moved around to meet changing requirements

Working in shielded environments

First sensors with flat tape allowing installation in stainless fridges & freezers while maintaining network coverage

Use directly in food areas

The sensor is IP65 rated and can be splashed and cleaned so is safe for instant use in food areas

Works with others

Easy to install and compliment other non-IoT sensors.

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